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Upload photos, add text and more. We made it easy to use. Create your own awesome skins in minutes!
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Use your own printer to print out your finished design directly onto our premium removable self-adhesive paper.

Simply peel your NEATO Skin from the sheet & position it on your cell phone. Just press & smooth it out by hand. It's that easy!


NEATO Skins are custom made to fit easily onto the back of your cell phone.

Our NEATO Skins kit also comes with a FREE clear case that is precisely designed to fit and protect both your cell phone and NEATO Skin from dust, scratching and shock.

You can also use a clear case from any cell phone case manufacturer.

NEATO Skins can be peeled off and re-applied with ease and no residue left on your cell phone. Swap them out or print out a new NEATO Skin whenever you want a new look!

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