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Rainbow Jello Shots

This adult fan favorite has been all over the internet and can be used for many different themed parties. I will be doing these for a rainbow St Patrick’s Day party! If you haven’t already you should check out my kid-friendly blog post named Lucky Rainbow in a Jar.

Shopping list

Jello: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple(Optional) All of these should be the 3oz boxes
Little Cups with lids. I did 3.25oz cups
Boiling Water
Ice cubes
Clear Alcohol. I recommend doing a vanilla or whipped favor

Neato 2 inch circle labels. These can be purchased here

The Jello

I started with purple. Pour jello powder and 3/4 cup boiling water and a couple of ice cubes and stir until jello mix is all the way dissolved. The jello liquid needs to be room temperature before the liquor gets added. Now when the jello is room temp you can add your 3/4 cup of the alcohol that you like and stir. Pour your first layer and try to remember to save enough room for the other six colors. Allow an hour in the fridge for the layer to set.

Repeat the above steps for blue, green, yellow, orange, and then red. Please remember to keep letting the jello set in the fridge for an hour in between your layers. This very important step is what prevents the colors from mixing.

The Labels

I start by going to the online design software website. Once there, Sign in. Select the beer/wine and craft labels and from the list of templates select the 2-inch circles. Now for the designing, I started with the background color and decided greens were the appropriate colors for St Patrick’s Day. To make the shamrocks I put three hearts together and used a rectangle for the stem. If you have a picture that is a quick and easy solution. You can also label some with friends names.

After you have succeeded in making a design that is unique and fun then go ahead and print them. I got the bigger cups and these labels fit perfectly on the inner edge of the top.

Have a party and definitely share these yummy rainbow shots! Doing them a day in advance is always a good idea because of the setting and drying between layers. You can design your labels while you wait!

I hope you will check out my first post about a kid friendly craft and present Lucky Rainbow in a Jar.

I would love feedback if y’all want to share!

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