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Neato Beer and Wine Labels

Beer and Wine Labels

Wine Labels

Wine labels are in style now but that doesn’t mean they are all one in the same. Neato wine labels come four to a sheet with four neck labels as a bonus!

When you open your Neato wine labels you will see a cover sheet. Please do not throw away the cover sheet.  As I have mentioned in my first blog I will be using the online design software to print my labels.

I believe this software is extremely easy to use. I will tell you I have made at least twenty different and perfectly printed Wine designs on it and I am not stopping there!  There are some pre-made templates in the wine section.

As you can see below, all you do is go to the highlighted templates and layouts on the left side and the click the word templates.

You will see some options for designs and perhaps even gain some inspiration to make your own design.

Beer Labels

Beer bottle labels are extremely underappreciated. They make great gifts and are a dream for the home brewers.

Just like I have explained above about the templates for the wine labels, there are templates for the beer labels. The tools on the left of the design screen are your friend. These can allow your imagination to flourish. Insert an image, Insert some text and you are already off to a great start. Oh, and beer lovers always remember that even if you are not super crafty or artistic, it doesn’t particularly matter because if it’s a gift they will be amazed that you created them!

If it is for your own homebrew you can represent how you feel and what best describes the taste of your own beer. Most importantly have fun with it!

Helpful Tips

As a designer, I have had a lot of experience with starting a design, so these tips come from knowledge about design and knowledge about the Neato’s online design software.

First things first, the online design software requires two things to work properly.  You need to have Adobe Flash player installed and up to date.  The second requirement is to use either the internet explorer browser or what we prefer you use is Mozilla firefox. When you are going to print, make sure to set your printer on a glossy setting.  Always try your first few prints on a regular piece of paper and hold the print with the label in front, up to the light.

If you are new to designing and you are not sure where to even start, I would try setting your background to be a nice light blue.  It sounds odd, I know, but it will make the ideas that you are having more fluent and even if you end up covering that background, it will help you because you won’t have this white template glaring at you.

Whether you bottle your own or are creating an original favor or gift Neato wine and beer labels are the way to go. It tells whoever is receiving a gift that you put a lot more thought into their present than just giving them a bottle. For all the home brewers and wine enthusiasts, you can create a completely unique and special design for your handmade masterpiece.



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