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Lucky Rainbow in a Jar!

Hey, everyone! I have a St Patrick’s Day treat for you and your children! While it is still inexpensive to make you can also miniaturize it to make a cute craft adorable! Mason jars are in style at the moment, especially for crafting. They are not just for jarring delicious jams and jellies anymore.
St Patrick’s Day is sometimes a holiday that gets overlooked. Yes, we can dye everything green (Bagels, eggs, cupcakes, clothing, etc.) but are we really having the correct amount of fun celebrating this holiday? I don’t think we are!
This the first of two blogs that I will do for St Patrick’s Day this year. This one is the kid-friendly craft blog and the next one involves alcohol fun for the grown-ups!

Shopping list
Mason Jar(s)
Skittles one large bag or several small ones (Can be substituted for m&m’s)
Mini marshmallows one bag
Gold chocolate coins
Neato 3×3.5 rectangle labels. You can buy here
Ribbon (optional)

The Jar

We start with the mason jars. I will be doing a couple little ones but feel free to do the big ones too if you think you have enough candy. The first layer is golden coins. Helpful tip for your coins is to get a few bags because you do not want to skimp and then you won’t be able to see them. Next, separate your skittles by color. I actually really liked this step because I have always eaten them by color.

Once you have all the colors separated you can start adding them into the jar by color. I did purple, green, yellow, orange, and red for the skittles. Yes, I know I skipped blue. I skipped the blue because when I was at the store I went straight for the original bag and not a smoothie or tropical one that does have blue. So in the future, I would mix up your bags and maybe get a regular and a tropical. Now I do also have an M&M one and that worked a little better because it has a blue and the brown ones look good in place of the purple.

To top this lucky rainbow off mini marshmallows will fill the rest of the top and feel free to pack them in to hold them in place.

The Label

I choose the 3×3.5 Labels. They are big on my jars but I like them, they fit very nicely on the flat part of the jar. I designed the labels entirely online on the Neato Online Design Software that comes with the package of labels. I did fill colors and I put three hearts together to create a shamrock and then I added text. I also created a rainbow as you can see below.

It was super easy craft all in all. It took me maybe a half hour to do everything including creating the labels. Kids will love them and you will be the parent of the year. Keep in mind that with new labels these are great for birthdays and showers or even Easter.


Thank you for reading and be sure to check out the next St Patrick’s Day Blog for the grown-ups!!

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