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Authorized Service Provider Agreement

Commercial Requirements Organizations seeking service provider status must have been in service for a reasonable period of time, with audited financial documents available to Apple. A line of credit is required and must be agreed with the Apple Finance team in the region concerned. The organization should actively promote the Apple brand as part of its activities with AppleCare support and service products. Service providers, businesses and limited organizations that operate under restricted service agreements that provide service to specific customers or certain Apple products within the meaning of the agreement on limited service providers. Authorized service providers, companies authorized to provide repair services to all Apple customers. Major technology providers such as Apple, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo and Samsung are among the product manufacturers that have designated licensed service providers. Service partners in a particular provider`s network of partners can range from relatively small and highly specialized licensed service centres to large companies such as Best Buy. Authorized Service Provider (ASP) – a radio service provider licensed, certified and/or licensed by a radio communications manufacturer and registered with WyoLink to use WyoLink-compatible devices. A Licensed Service Provider (ASP) is an organization that has qualified a manufacturer of products for service products covered by the manufacturer`s warranty. The service, provided by a provider other than an approved service provider, usually expires the warranty. Mac OS and Apple, hardware self-help training for recertification are offered online at no extra cost through our Global Service Exchange service provider portal.

In the IT channel partner`s business model, the authorized warranty service generally falls under the Break/Fix Services category. A chain partner that provides break/fix services typically does so as part of a more comprehensive portfolio of services that may include resale, implementation and product integration. You must return the product to AUXUSA or a AUXUSA approved supplier in appropriate packaging that provides appropriate protection against damage caused by transportation at the location specified by AUXUSA, which are related to packaging and shipping for warranty service, and you will be at your expense. Locals The organization must maintain an accessible commercial service site with dedicated service personnel in an easily accessible location. The premises must include a clean and readable reception area for customers who need an accessible service, as well as a secure workshop area for repairs, parts storage and repair units.